Rogeana Patterson-King

Senior Supervisory Special Agent, Drug Enforcement Administration
Rogeana Patterson-King

Rogeana Patterson-King brings over 23 years of law enforcement experience and a wealth of knowledge to her current role as Executive Assistant in the Office of the Deputy of Chief of Operations at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Mrs. Patterson-King joined the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1999 where she was hired out of the Dallas Field Division. In November of that year she received her Special Agent appointment and completed training in Quantico, Virginia. Mrs. Patterson-King was then assigned to the Los Angeles Division. In 2005, Mrs. Patterson-King was assigned to the United States Embassy, DEA Bridgetown, Barbados Country Office, where she worked closely with several foreign countries. In 2009, Mrs. Patterson-King was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent, assigned to the DEA Caribbean Division in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In August of 2014, Mrs. Patterson-King moved to the Washington D.C. area where she was appointed to the DEA Special Operation Division as a Staff Coordinator, providing investigative support directly to the Caribbean region. In March 2017, Mrs. Patterson-King was promoted to Deputy Section Chief within the DEA Operation Division, Office of Global Enforcement Mexico and Central America Section; and in April 2017, she became the Section Chief of the Latin America and Caribbean Section.

In April 2019, Mrs. Patterson-King was selected to be the Executive Assistant for the DEA Operation Division, Deputy Chief of the Office of Operation Management.

Mrs. Patterson-King has over two decades of experience as a criminal investigator. Mrs. Patterson-King has a wealth of experience working complex international conspiracy investigations, targeting international narcotics traffickers, in Mexico, Pakistan, Canada, South America, and throughout the Eastern Caribbean. She has also engaged in multiple international and domestic undercover operations.

Prior to joining DEA, Mrs. Patterson-King was a Police Officer with the Dallas Police Department.

Mrs. Patterson-King received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. She was pursuing a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration and completed a semester and a half of graduate work at Dallas Baptist University when she received the call to join DEA.

Mrs. Patterson-King is married. She loves to dance, watch movies, and host social events.

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