Kerri Zurbuch

Founder and Co-Owner, The Wellness Barn
Kerri Zurbuch

Kerri became a certified group fitness instructor in 1989. Attended IPFW and Ball State University to complete her bachelors and masters in the 90s. Worked for Lincoln Financial Group in the Worklife Wellness Department from 1994 to 2004. Founded a nonprofit in 2005 where she worked part time so she could stay home and raise our kids. Then came The Wellness Barn ...

It was nine years ago when Kerri and a good high school/college friend raised 5 cows naturally, without hormones or antibiotics on a local farm in New Haven. They continued this for a few years. In 2013 Kerri added hogs and started doing whole hog pork sausage products with the help of another local farm. She attended markets and continued to grow a stronger customer base. Our youngest was going to be attending school full time and she began sending me novenas (9 day prayers). Praying for health, our marriage, and work using our God-given talents. A simple phrase “girl, bloom where you’re planted” said by a dear friend became Kerri’s driving force. So she began to draft a plan and in 2014 we founded, established and trademarked The Wellness Barn — focusing on agriculture, fitness, and life.

agriculture. Today we are able to provide locally sourced beef, pork, organic chicken, wild caught salmon, goat cheese, fresh produce and more — not by our own means — but through strong relationships with small local farms in Allen county and Ohio.

fitness. Because of Kerri’s professional background we also offer wellness workshops and consulting.

life. This third component, life, comes in between and during down time with memory boxes, natural leather jewelry, custom personalized products and services.

Our goals have been pretty simple — continue to grow as God wants us to grow, use the gifts He has given us, remain steadfast and trust the process.

In 2019 The Wellness Barn opened a year round local food market and seasonal mobile market. Yes, we can bring the market to you! Please stop by to taste n’ see, sip, and enjoy all The Wellness Barn has to offer.

Let’s grow well together!
Paul & Kerri
“For we don’t know what the future holds, we only know Who holds the future...”. I’m sorry! Please feel free to shorten ...

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Breakout Session: How to Fuel Your Body Well!
Fueling your body is imperative for quality-of-life. In this presentation you will learn the importance of quality nutrition, movement, sleep, social time and spirituality. In essence, gaining simple practical lifestyle skills for being well now and throughout life.
At Girls World Expo Ft. Wayne, IN on Sunday, November 10, 2019

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