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Our 1st year in Detroit was well received, with over 3,000 attendees! Thank you, Detroit!

The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit
1114 Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226
Sunday, March 10, 2019
1PM - 5PM

Girls World Expo is a day-long event created by local teen girls for local teen girls – our local Girls Advisory Board is made up of teens from Detroit who have created a unique show just for you! We have also worked closely with our local media partner, to fill the day with seminars, performances, demonstrations and vendors that serve your needs in the Detroit area!

Girls World Expo can change your life – come together with your friends, or make new ones at the Expo, to enjoy a magical day where you will hear from and meet successful and powerful women right from your own community who can show you a path to success! You will attend workshops, listen to speakers, see demonstrations, science exhibits, and speak one-on-one with women who are leaders in business, government, industry, the arts, and many other realms of endeavor. It's a rare opportunity for you to see what your future could be, and learn what it will take to get there.

But it's not all work! Girls World Expo is also fun. There's fashion, an art show, music and dance performances by talented local artists, and the always-popular GWE Marketplace, where you can see and purchase everything from hair accessories to self-help materials, and clothing to jewelry.

It's not just another day. It's a very special day. It's an opportunity to spend a day in a safe, secure environment inspired by the company of other girls and not just seeing but creating the future. Your future.


AnnMarie Gabaldon

See photos from this expo!

Congratulations 2019 Detroit Girls of Merit!

  • Ashleigh Givens
    Ashleigh Givens
  • Ayanna Kemp
    Ayanna Kemp
  • Belicia LaMaria Sedan
    Belicia LaMaria Sedan
  • Fiona Hughes
    Fiona Hughes
  • Jordan Sky Daniels
    Jordan Sky Daniels
  • Kandi Alexander
    Kandi Alexander
  • Kate Martin
    Kate Martin
  • Lena Queen McDonald
    Lena Queen McDonald
  • Nyah Phillips
    Nyah Phillips
  • Paige Cleague
    Paige Cleague
  • Subria Burkhalter
    Subria Burkhalter
  • Zaria Pope
    Zaria Pope

Meet our Advisory Board

  • Alyson Thomas
    Alyson Thomas
  • Lena Queen McDonald
    Lena Queen McDonald
  • Jade A Rodriguez
    Jade A Rodriguez
  • Pixie Renny
    Pixie Renny
  • Danija Tolliver
    Danija Tolliver
  • Reagan Smith
    Reagan Smith
  • Mackenzie Martin
    Mackenzie Martin
  • A’Niya Qualls
    A’Niya Qualls
  • Madison Galloway
    Madison Galloway
  • Alayna Jones
    Alayna Jones

What to Expect

Welcome & Musical Performances: 1PM-1:45PM
Kick off the day with a warm welcome from our Girls Advisory Board (all local girls) and enjoy our first entertainment act of the day!

Breakout Sessions

Girl of Merit Award Ceremony1:45 - 2:30 Room 1 - Crystal Room - 4th Floor

A special thank you to girls who have proven themselves exceptional members of the community through their actions, activities, leadership, and positive influence on others.

Not Another Lecture1:45 - 2:30 Room 2 - Founders A - 3rd Floor

Don't get caught in the boomerang effect. Engage in girl talk as we learn how we put into the universe, online or with others is what we get back. *This session is presented by young ladies in high school. Sponsored by Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority.

Presented by:
  • Andrea L. Smith, MSW Director of Clinical Practice Improvement, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority
  • Tinetra Burns Clinical Specialist, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority
  • Tyerica Boyd Administrative Support Staff, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority
  • Amiah Smith 10th Grade, Salem High School
  • Briauna Travis 12th Grade, Renaissance High School
  • Jordan Connally 10th Grade, Grosse Pointe South High School
Andrea L. Smith, MSW Tinetra Burns Tyerica Boyd
Andrea L. Smith, MSW Tinetra Burns Tyerica Boyd
“LEVEL UP”… to the BEST YOU!1:45 - 2:30 Room 3 - Founders B - 3rd Floor
  • Tresa Deal-Galloway
    Tresa Deal-Galloway

Are your friends really your friends? Do the people who say they care/love you, really care/love you? If you had to think twice about these 2 questions then this is the workshop for you? We will provide strategies to identify “people” you try to prevent you from becoming THE BEST YOU! Get ready to embark on a journey and unlock the power inside of you. You will learn about how to attract positive people in your social friend group, prevent yourself from becoming the target of a bully and activate your special gift/talents!

Tresa Deal-Galloway Owner, Love Laces

Money Matters1:45 - 2:30 Room 4 - Esquire Room - 3rd Floor
  • Michael K. Cheatham
    Michael K. Cheatham

Learn to control your money, so that your money doesn’t control you! This is money management for the real world. Sponsored by Comerica Bank.

Michael K. Cheatham Corporate Contributions & Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Manager, Comerica Bank

What Are Boys REALLY Thinking?3:15 - 4:00 Room 1 - Crystal Room - 4th Floor
  • Sol Prolific Owyns
    Sol Prolific Owyns

With the help of a panel of local teenage boys, we will attempt to unravel the inner-mysteries of the male brain or at least try! (For Ages 13+. Results not guaranteed.)

Presented by Sol Prolific Owyns
From Chaos to Clarity: 5 Ways to Stay EmPOWERed When You Feel Life Sucks3:15 - 4:00 Room 2 - Founders A - 3rd Floor
  • Eva Toby
    Eva Toby

With the growth of technology and social media consumption, youth are continuously experiencing information overload. The external messaging has a huge impact on how they form their identities. In trying to match up to the presumed standards, the information is often internalized, which can lead to feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and sadness. Couple that with peer pressure, and many other social life factors, it may feel very overwhelming to find the positivity and courage to move forward. While it may seem that all hope is lost, it is not! During this session, Eva will share 5 Ways To Stay Empowered in order to effectively build confidence and identify the Power and Purpose Factor in you!

Presented by Eva Toby
Fearless Females Panel3:15 - 4:00 Room 3 - Founders B - 3rd Floor

Meet some of the area’s fiercest female visionaries and hear how they're helping change the game for girls. Sponsored by Once Upon a Time Ministries.

Presented by:
Glendale Reed Sheri Crawley Tanishka "To-To" Wilson
Glendale Reed Sheri Crawley Tanishka "To-To" Wilson
Educational Panel presented by Wayne County Community College District3:15 - 4:00 Room 4 - Esquire Room - 3rd Floor

Wayne County Community College District offers more than 100 academic and career programs at five campuses. In this engaging, interactive panel discussion, the WCCCD staff will share their insights and unique perspectives about college and the WCCCD experience. They will then answer your questions, from the point of view of faculty, students, and counseling and finance professionals. Meet, hear, and question the people who can help describe and define your educational future. Sponsored by Wayne County Community College District.

Entertainment Break
Featuring performances from local entertainers and showcasing talent by local girls.

Musical Performances:

  • Madie B One - Singer, Rapper, Song Writer, Actor
    Madie B One
  • Imani - Singer/Songwriter/Musician
  • Neisha Neshae
    Neisha Neshae
  • Brielle Lesley
    Brielle Lesley

Dance Performances:

  • Beauty From The Inside Out - Zumba Dance Team
    Beauty From The Inside Out
  • the 154 project - as seen on World of Dance
    the 154 project
  • EdashGirls Dance Team
    EdashGirls Dance Team
  • Force Company - Elements Dance Company - Contemporary Dance
    Force Company
  • Get in Line - Studio Detroit Dance Center - Afro/Jazz Dance
    Get in Line
  • Triumphant Dance Ministry - Triumph Church - Liturgical Dance
    Triumphant Dance Ministry
  • Motor City Dancing Angels - Majorette Style Dance
    Motor City Dancing Angels


  • The Yunion
    The Yunion
  • Ms. Black Michigan USA 2019 - Angelena Taylor
    Ms. Black Michigan USA 2019
  • Henna by Kelly Caroline
    Henna by Kelly Caroline

Workshops & Demos


PKSA Karate Detroit

Ongoing Activities & Entertainment: 1:00 - 5:00PM

  • Girls of Merit Award Ceremony
  • Fitness Demos
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Live Music & Dance Performances
  • Hot Topic Seminars & Workshops
  • Girls World of Art Show - Come see how local girls express themselves through art. Art is a celebration of self-expression, creativity ad self esteem all on display at GWE.
  • "Bright Ideas" STEM Showcase - The future is female, and we are here for it. #GirlNerds unite for this one-of-a-kind workshop on what it really means to be a lady in STEM.
  • girls spin prize wheel at booth Exhibitor Marketplace - A thriving shopping area where local vendors sell and demonstrate their goods. A unique shopping and experiential opportunity in a fun, upbeat inspiring atmosphere. Exhibit your goods and services.
  • Healthy Living
  • College & Career Coaching sponsored by U.S. Army - Meet local mentors and entrepreneurs who will help guide you towards a bright and prosperous future.
    • U.S. Army

Close 5:00PM

We will thank everyone for participating in such a special day and celebrate with a closing act!

In partnership with:

  • Radio One Detroit Hot 107.5 105.9 Kiss-FM Praise 102.7

Expos Coming Soon...

Get registered for these fun and exciting expos coming to a city near you!


February 23, 2020

Indianapolis, IN


March 8, 2020

Bloomington, IL


March 8, 2020

Lexington, KY


March 28, 2020

Midland-Odessa, TX


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April 19, 2020

Columbus, OH