Savonna's Top 3 Most Important Self Care Tips

Sept. 27, 2019

As weird as it sounds taking care of ourselves is hard to do! We get so warped and consumed with school, clubs, work and all on repeat! Besides showering, we sometimes don't realize we could be doing a lot more for ourselves. I'm excited to share 3 tips for you all that I do which have helped me become more happier and less stressed! Some of you might already use these tips, which is great! Feel free to comment how these tips have helped you in your daily life! For those of you who don't use these tips yet, let me know which ones you plan on using!


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Remember those times when you were in pre- school and kindergarten and the teachers told you it was nap time? I don't know about you, but I hated when the teachers told me to lay down and close my eyes. Now, I catch myself forcing my eyes to stay open during my classes at school. We really underestimate how much we can benefit from a good night sleep. Sleep affects our growth, stress harmones, and even our appetite. Even though we all probably claim how much we love our sleep, some of us still might not be using sleep as much as we could.

Sleeping in general is great. But, sleeping for a 4 or 5+ hours depending on the night.. not so great. We need to take more of an advantage to what sleep can do for us. We all have different schedules and some nights you can't do the same as the night before because of scheduling differences. Adults need an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Teenagers need around at least 9 hours of sleep each night. These aren't some random statistics! Without getting a good 7+ hours of sleep each night, depending on age, we can't function at our best!

Also, did you know that if you aren't sleeping enough hours each night you are at a higher risk for getting a cold?

Being sleep deprived is no fun. So, when you know how busy you are going to be with the day ahead, plan in advance to get all your errands, homework and activities done at a reasonable time so that you can have a great night sleep and be ready to take on the day ahead!!


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Exercise and participating in physical activity can help tremendously in our daily lives. More than you may realize!!

I know you all see health nuts and fitness gurus all over the internet promoting fitness. I'm not here to promote a fancy exercise machine or protein powder. But, I do have so suggestions on how you can push yourself to exercise more, even if you don't go to the gym!

Exercise can benefit you now, and in the long term. It can help with giving you a boost in your energy level, relief from physical pain, and even improvements in eating habits!

I know some of you may think, "Oh, there is no way I'm going to the gym to work out. I'll look ridiculous."

I'm here to tell you that everyone at the gym comes from all different levels of exercising. Some have been going for years, some exercise on occasion and some are new! What I can tell you is people work out because it makes them feel good. They are at the gym working out for all different reasons. Some are there to loose weight, some are their to get abs, some are there because they may play a sport and have to stay fit. These people go to the gym to work on their personal goals, they won't make fun of you for having goals and putting in action to achieve them! Let this post be the push for the people who look at fitness posts on instagram and wish they had that body and for the people who pass by planet fitness on the way to school without realizing how much walking in those doors could help them, (you!)

For those who are now thinking, "Oh, no way am I paying money each month to go work out."

That is completely understandable and I am right there with you! But, don't let that be the reason for you to not work out! Because, you can work out in your own home! Working out in your home is super convenient. You are in the safety and comfort of your own room/ house and don't have to worry about any distractions!

Don't know where to start? Girlfriends, we have the internet at our fingertips! Log on to youtube or search up on google ways to workout for beginners! Better yet, you can search work out routines specifically for what you want to focus on. Legs, arms, and abs! There are so many apps where you can find an instructional video guide to show you fitness routines!

Now, you have no excuses! Go get fit!


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You probably thought my third tip was eating healthy. Yes, I encourage you to eat healthy and limit fast food. That is definitely a way to be less tired and way more healthy. But, my third tip and suggestion for self care is "ME TIME."

The relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important relationships you have. Almost all day, everyday, you are surrounded and or communicating with people. That can be more draining for us than we realize. Although it is great for us to hang out with friends and family, it is equally important to hang out with ourselves too. It doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you're alone.

Here are 5 of my favorite "me time" activities.

  1. Binge watching tv shows or watching movies!

I know I said me time should be alone, but netflix can be your best "me time" friend. There is nothing like cooking a bag of popcorn and choosing a movie or tv show to watch.

2. A long long...long shower.

Turn your favorite playlist on, sing at the top of your lungs, while enjoying the nice hot (or cold) shower. Yes, ignore the bang at the door from your roommate, parent, or sibling and keep on shower singing, because it is your me time!

3. Youtube binge?

Anyone else obsessed (slightly) with watching vlogs on youtube. Whether it is life hack videos or family vlogs I love to get in my pjs and watch these vloggers! Youtube has a vast amount of videos to choose from, maybe spend your me time choosing which are your favorite!

4. Writing!

Not everyone is a writer, thats okay! But me time is for you. So, if you choose to write during this time, it doesn't have to be for anyone else's eyes but yours! Write about your day, write a poem, why not start a book! Maybe, you can even start a blog. (Insert wink emoji here)

5. Spa day!

Ugh, spa's are so expensive, am I right? It is always nice to have someone give you a massage or paint your toes, but you can do that too! Grab some nail polish, find a face mask and cue the spa music playlist on your phone! Wa-lah, you have your very own, less than $10, spa day!

Hopefully, these tips inspired you to change or add to your daily self care lifestyle habits! I'd love to hear from you about what you think about these tips and if you have some tips I didn't even mention!

Remember to catch some Z's, do some sit ups, and get some me time!

Have a good weekend!

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