New Year Resolution Ideas

Dec. 30, 2019

Making New Year resolutions is a great idea to do to help you stay motivated and aware of all your goals!

If you are stuck and can't really think of anything specific that you want to accomplish in 2020, here are some ideas!

1) Start a journal!

Starting a journal can be a great way to document your year and keep track of your thoughts!

2) Work out

This is a popular resolution! But many people never follow through. If this is something you may want to do, remember you don't always have to buy a membership to a gym! There are so many free apps and youtube videos that makes you able to workout in your own home! Staying fit doesn't have to be hard. It can even mean simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator!

3) Eat healthy!

This can go hand in hand with working out! Eating healthy doesn't mean you have eliminate all "yummy" foods! Just keep track of your calories and make sure to eat something from each food group!

4) Save!

Having a savings account is so important! If you don't already, make saving money a priority. For example, maybe you can decide how much money from your check from work or allowance that you will always put to the side to save! If you have a debit card there are some banks have an option to put $1 in your savings account every time you use your debit card!

5) Stay Organized!

This can be anything! To start this habit you can organize your backpack for school to make sure you have everything you need for the new semester! Labeling things is also a great way to stay organized and to know where things are! Staying organized is a great habit to have!

6) Volunteer!

Becoming involved in your community can be a great way to start off a new year! There are so many organizations everything that thrive off of their volunteers! You'd be surprised how many organizations you can find in your very own community!

7) Scrapbooking throughout the year!

Not many people do this anymore, but it is such a fun way to reminisce on old memories. This is a great activity to do on days where you don't have plans and it is a fun way to keep track of your printed pictures!

8) Read more books!

For most, January is a cold month. So, it is the perfect month to stay inside and cuddle up with a book! Amazon kindle or of course the library has thousands of options!

9) Stay Hydrated!

You can't be your best if you don't feel your best! Make drinking water a priority!

10) Stay clean!

Nowadays, it is really easy to get sick! There are easy ways to keep the germs away! Keep hand-sanitizer with you! (Bath and Body Works has so many good smelling choices) Baby wipes aren't only for babies! Keeping wipes on handy can help with many things!

11) Explore new hobbies!

There really are so many things and opportunities to try in this world! Have you ever tried yoga? What about hiking or rock climbing! Hobbies don't have to be active! Maybe try painting or cooking!

12) Try some DIY activities

DIY activities can be so fun and a great way to make something yourself that otherwise may be expensive in stores! If you can't think of anything to make try visiting Pintrest! Or you can think of something that you have wanted to buy as a decoration for your room or house. It may be easier than you think to make it yourself!

13) Write!

You don't have to publish anything you write! Start a private blog for example! There are many free websites where you can make your own website or blog. Or, try writing a book for fun or even a short story! You don't have to be an accomplished author to write something! You never know, you could enjoy writing!

14) Travel!

This doesn't mean you have to travel to some faraway place and spend tons of money! You can travel to your local beach or mountains! Just simply getting out of the house to visit a place you don't usually go to can be a great break from your daily life! If hotels are too expensive, AirB n' B is a great app that has many places you can stay at that are cheaper than a hotel!

15) Decluttering

This can go along with being organized! Go through every inch of your house (or room) and get rid of things that you don't need or use! This also gives you an opportunity to donate things to charity!

16) Keeping in touch with old friends and family

It can be hard to keep in touch with people who live far from you. In the new year make this a priority! For example, start writing letters to friends or family that lives far from you! This is a meaningful and thoughtful way to keep in touch with others!

17) Don't compare yourself to others

In this time, especially with social media, it is hard to NOT compare yourself to others. But remember, social media is just someone's highlight reel. It is easy to filter your life and pretend to be something to impress others. Take this new year as an opportunity to be your authentic self! Maybe it is scary at first for you, but in the end being yourself shows confidence. And with confidence you can be anything you want to be and more!

18) Give one compliment a day

You know how great it feels to receive a compliment! In the new year make an effort to give one compliment a day! It can be to a family member or even a stranger! One small compliment is easy to give and can really make someone's day.

19) Write down one thing your grateful for each night

This can be a great reminder of things to be thankful for. Every night, put the paper you wrote in a jar and at the end of the year you can read them all!

20) Let go!

2020 is a whole new year AND decade! Any grudges or pain you may have experienced in the past leave it in the past! It is easier said than done, but one way to help with this is to live in the moment! Enjoy the things in front of you! Friends, Family, pets and anything else that you are thankful for!

Make 2020 your year! Let go and grab on to new things! Set goals and work hard to accomplish them! If you love yourself you can do anything! You are your own biggest obstacle! Go and tackle this new year!

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