Motivational Interview

Jan. 12, 2020


Meet HannahGrace Evans! A 19 year old residing in North Carolina! HannahGrace has always had a passion for hair and makeup. She knew at a young age that she wanted to pursue this passion more seriously when she got older. Keep on reading below on how HannahGrace made her dream come true! At just the young age of 19, she is the proud owner of her own hair and make up business!

Question: When did you know makeup and hair was your passion?

"I used to always play around with makeup when I was little. When I was 12, a group of my older brother's friends hired me to do hair and make up for their senior prom. I had so much fun and knew in that moment that I wanted to pursue it as a career. "

Question: How did you practice getting better at doing makeup?

"I really just practiced on myself and my friends every chance I got."

Question: What products and brands do you recommend for those who may not be able to afford expensive make up products?

"One of my favorite drug store brands is Maybelline. They have a lot of good products for a reasonable price. Their products are great quality and I still choose some Maybelline products over high end versions. For example, The Maybelline studio gel eyeliner is my absolute favorite eyeliner."

Question: What advice do you have for those who want to start their own business one day?

"Starting a business isn't easy. Find a mentor from your field of interest who can help you and give you advice. Don't let the challenges discourage you. Every opportunity is a chance for growth! Enjoy the process, it will all be worth it in the end."

Question: What steps did you take to start your own business?

"A big part in starting a business is making a business plan. You need to have a plan to keep your ideas and goals organized. When I decided to start my business I knew the first step I needed to take was to get my cosmetology license. I spent a lot of time researching a lot of schools that were around me. When I toured the Paul Mitchell School it seemed like the best fit for me. It was a year of hard work and late nights, but I finally graduated from the school and got my cosmetology license. There are a lot of things that go into opening a business. But as long as you have passion and patience in the process, you'll get there! "

Question: How do you not let the "no's" and obstacles bring you down?

"Confidence is key. When you have confidence in yourself you are unstoppable. Confidence brings determination and perseverance. When you hold those attributes you can do absolutely anything. Know who you are, love who you are and you're good to go. "

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview! You can use this advice with more than just starting a business. Hold on to your passions and love who you are! Never forget that no matter what situation you are in, you can do anything you set your mind to! It may not be easy, but imagine how great you will feel that by believing in yourself, you accomplished your own dream, just like HannahGrace did!

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