Motivation Tips for the End of School

Dec. 8, 2019

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I am a student myself. I know how stressful it is for students this time of the school year. It is hard to have the weight of studying and reviewing months of lessons in multiple classes, with the added stress of having to get a good grade on a test that determines 20% of your grade. It really stinks for those who don't do that great on tests.

But, you are not alone. Many students struggle with test taking. So, I am going to start this post off with my first tip.

Tip #1

My first tip is to remember that tests do not define you.

Tests are not made for everyone. It is very stressful to have to be tested on your knowledge of a topic, while being timed. During finals week it is important to not give up. Just because you aren' t the best at test taking does not mean you shouldn't try your best by studying! Study to the best of your ability so that when test day comes, you can say you tried your best whichever the outcome may be.

Tip #2

Get rest!

Studying is something that is very important, but getting enough sleep is just as important! Don't push yourself at 3am to keep studying. A helpful tip is to schedule your day so that you can get enough studying AND enough sleep. Scheduling your studying hour by hour can help so much! Being able to check off things on a to-do list also is great motivation to see how much you are getting done and to help you go to sleep at a decent time!

You can study all night, but if you walk into the test with not having a good amount of sleep, you won't be able to do your best!

So remember, don't underestimate the power of sleep!!

Tip #3

All day studying is not healthy!

With finals you do need to spend A LOT of time studying and reviewing for your test. But, studying without breaks is not healthy! Your brain needs rest. Taking breaks can actually help you study better. Everyone is different with how they study! But, you shouldn't study 3+ hours with no break! Classes aren't usually even that long!

Take time in between study to eat a healthy snack, hydrate, or step outside for some fresh air!

Tip #4

Don't procrastinate!

This time of year it is hard to keep studying for your classes when you are so close to being done! It is so easy to procrastinate on final assignments and studying during the end of the school year. Make sure to schedule at least 30 minutes to an hour of your time every day leading up to your final test! It is important to do this for each of your classes. In order to NOT procrastinate, schedule, schedule and schedule! Studying an hour for a class and then taking a break isn't as hard vs. studying hours at a time for multiple different classes, because you waited until the last minute.

You know yourself better than anyone! Do what you think is best. But, do it on time! Waiting until the last minute will stress you out more.

Tip #5

Take care of yourself!

My tips above are included in this. Getting enough sleep and taking study breaks are an important part of taking care of yourself. For my last tip I wanted to include another helpful way to help with stress. Your diet! Watch what you put in your body. The wrong foods can make you feel tired or lazy. So, stack up on fruits and veggies! Besides foods, make sure to hydrate! Water is so healthy and good for you! Stay hydrating and eating healthy snacks can give you a boost of motivation and energy!

I hope this post helps you with getting through the end of this school semester/year! Remember to try your best, that is all you can do!

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