Fall Fashion Tips!

Sept. 20, 2019

I don’t know about you guys but I sure am excited for fall! I may be a little biased since my birthday is in October. But, I love everything about fall. It is such a “cozy” season.

In this blog I decided to write about what my top 3 necessities are for this fall season!

  1. Cardigans!

Fall weather can come with a lot of uncertainty when choosing what to wear for the day. Fall weather is beautiful but random. It can be chilly, windy and sunny all at the same time. That is why cardigans are the perfect piece of clothing to add to your closet for fall.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.42.51 PM.png

I myself have many many cardigans. Maybe a little obsession. They just go so well with so many things! They are super comfortable. You can find them in about every single clothing shop so, yay for it to be easy to find. Cardigans are basically like an alternative to wearing sweaters but SO MUCH CUTER! (Can you tell that I'm obsessed yet?)

Another reason why I think cardigans are great is because they make any outfit look better! There are days where I can be super bummy (we all have those lazy days) and just throw on a pair of leggings and a shirt. But as soon as I pair that outfit with a matching cardigan I don't feel like a total bum walking outside!

I also love cardigans because you can find some that are super thick and warm or somewhat thin. I love this because I live in North Carolina where the weather is always changing day to day. So, if it is super chilly out I'll choose one of my thicker cardigans and if it is more on the sunny side I always have the option to choose a thinner cardigan.

Did I mention that they go well with jeans and leggings?!

Overall, cardigans are a win win situation!

  1. Scarves!

When I say scarves I don't mean super thick and warm winter scarves. (Of course there isn't anything wrong with winter scarves) But, there are certain scarves that are perfect for this upcoming fall weather! These scarves are called the halo/Infinity scarves!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.10.56 PM.png

Just like with cardigans, infinity scarves can add such a boost to your daily outfit! On the fall days where it is a little more chilly out scarves can be so helpful with keeping you with just the right amount of warmth! There are also so many options of scarves you can choose from. There are cute knit scarves, silky thin scarves, or even plaid ones!

It is really fun to shop for scarves and they are such a fun way to show off your personality! You can wear a basic white tee with a pair of comfy leggings and add a scarf of your choice and boom, there's a simple and fast way to be cute but comfortable.

Scarves also go with dresses! On the days where it is sunny but a little windy, (typical fall weather,) you might feel tempted to wear a "fall dress." To make your dress outfit look a little less summery simply pair it with an infinity scarf of your choice and you're all set!

Overall, scarves are a great clothing accessory. You can use them to dress down or dress up your outfits!

  1. Booties!!!

Booties! This is a trend everyone is talking about! The high heels of fall and winter!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.23.49 PM.png

Booties are the perfect pair of shoe for when you want to look cute and dress up, but not be in pain all night for wearing high heels. The reason I added this to my top 3 necessities of fall looks is because, just like with cardigans and scarves, there are so many different styles and colors of booties you can choose from!

Booties are a great alternative of heels because they are way more comfy but the best of all they keep your toes warm!!

You can wear these with dresses, leggings, jeans, anything! You can buy so many different colors and styles that they make it so easy to choose a shoe to go with your outfit!

They also are very reasonably priced! Of course there are the nice expensive ones, but if you are looking to save money there are many stores that sell booties! Such as, Forever 21, Walmart, target, and Rack Room Shoes!

Hopefully, my fall fashion blog can serve as a guide for helpful tips, fall inspiration, and excitement for this upcoming season change!


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