Fall Bucket List!

Oct. 18, 2019

Well, Fall is definitely here! Leaves are falling and the weather is getting cooler, (in most states at least.) In the summer we all love the beach or pool, eating ice cream and enjoying the sun. But, now that the weather is getting a little on the cold side, I thought it would be a great time to share a Fall bucket list! Some of these activities you may have already done, some of them you may have always wanted to do, and some you may have just forgotten about. So below check out my Fall bucket list and let me know if you'll join me!


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It isn't really Fall time unless you have pumpkins! You can really do so many different activities with them. Gather some friends for a spooky Halloween themed night and have a pumpkin carving contest! Visit your local pumpkin patch with your family! You could even try and bake a pumpkin pie! My favorite thing to do when Halloween comes around is to go to the store and buy different colored pumpkins to decorate my house with! Any other pumpkin ideas you think of?


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October is the most spooky month of all! There are so many spooky themed activities you can do to get in the spirit of this spooky month! One of the most popular is to visit a haunted house or scary farm. It isn't for everyone but if this sounds like it is right up your alley then keep on reading! It is not everyone's cup of tea to be chased by a scary clown or to get lost in a dark old house, but, for those of you who love a good spook make sure to go! If you aren't sure where one is, all you have to do is a simple search on google and you should find a few options! Scary farm spooktacular or haunted houses, which one is your favorite?


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We all know it is the month of the fall season! But, we cannot forget it is also the month of Halloween! One of the most popular ways to celebrate halloween is to dress up with a costume! Oh, and of course stuff ourselves with candy. In the spirit of Halloween why not have a Halloween costume party! This can be a small intimate party with close friends and family, or of course a larger party if you choose to. You can have an apple dunking contest, pumpkin carving contest, oh, don't forget a costume contest!

If parties are not your style maybe invite one or two of your friends over to make your own DIY Halloween costumes, or make it a family night! Choose your favorite spooky themed movies and have a movie night or maybe a spooky arts & crafts themed night! So many options, let me know which ones you choose!

4)DIY Halloween Baskets

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Trick or treating is fun no matter what age you are. The days leading up to being able to wear your costume you chose out and having a bag full of candy, what isn't there to like!? If you are bored one weekend and wondering what to do, I might have just the thing for you! Grab a friend or family member and get a little head start for the trick or treaters by creating personalized trick & treat baskets, or bags. You can purchase small plastic bags anywhere, even the dollar store! If you're a crafty person draw, add stickers or decorate these bags however you choose! Maybe add a small note in the bag. A note of motivation, your favorite quote or maybe a spooky joke! This would be such a "treat" for everyone on Halloween!

5) Hay & Corn

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You cannot have the full fall experience without a corn maze or hay ride! if you decide to complete bucket list #1 and go to a pumpkin patch stop you are more than likely to find a hay ride or corn maze near by! This activity is a great way to spend more time with friends or bring your younger family members! Even though a corn maze and hayride are meant for younger ages, don't let that stop you from going and enjoying it in the beautiful Fall weather!

Well, that completes my Fall bucket list! I can't wait to tackle all these fun ideas with friends and family! Let me know if you plan to do any of these activities this fall! Hope you have a spooky weekend!

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