DIY Christmas Present Ideas

Dec. 16, 2019


Don't you just love Christmas time? I love everything related to the holidays, especially cheesy Christmas movies! Christmas is also the month of giving! Keep on reading if you are still trying to come up with some last minute gift ideas that you can make in your own home!



This is such a cute gift idea that you could give to anyone! You can make tree ornaments out of almost anything! Such as, popsicle sticks or old Christmas decorations that you may not use! You can always take the traditional route and make ornaments like the picture above! You can purchase these clear ornaments at any craft store or Walmart. You can add Christmas ribbon, glitter, or a sentimental item inside the globe to make it pop! This is such a cute gift idea because there are so many ways to personalize it for whoever you choose to give it too! It can also be a really fun craft idea for a Christmas party!

2) Bake some goodies!


There aren't too many people out there that don't like sweets, especially baked sweets! For a Christmas gift you could make baked goods and or cookies for your loved one! The grocery store has everything you need! Don't forget to decorate with frosting and sprinkles to add that Christmas touch to your baked goods! To top it all off put your baked good in a clear goodie bag and wrap it up with a nice Christmas colored bow! To make it even more personalized add a special little note to your loved one, which you can attach to the ribbon! You can find inexpensive clear goodie bags and bow at about any store, including Dollar Tree!

3) DIY Coupon Book


I love this idea and I plan on doing it for this Christmas! It is a DIY coupon book. Choose a special person, friend or family member to personalize this book for! Grab some colored paper and scissors and cut the paper in a plain square shape or get fancy and do heart cut outs and other shapes! The fun part is creating personalized coupons for this person. Here are some ideas!

  • Wash car
  • walk dogs
  • make dinner
  • do laundry
  • massage
  • take out to lunch

There are so many ideas you can use! But remember, you have to do these in the future!

4) Picture/Scrap book


This is a great way to reminisce on some amazing memories you have with someone! You can either make a scrap book by hand or now there is an option to do it online!

If you do it by hand visit your local craft store or Walmart for supplies! You will probably want to get background design paper, stickers and other decorating supplies for your pages! Don't forget the most important part, the pictures! Now, you can get pictures printed almost anywhere! The fastest way would be to go to your local pharmacy store, Walmart, or Target!

This year I made an online scrapbook! I suggest using Walgreens to do this! I made a 30 page book for $25 and I got to pick it up at the store on the same day, no extra charge! On their website they give you many options to choose from such as, hard or soft cover, Personalized picture as cover, many choices of background pages, add text, many font choices, color choices and so much more! The first step is to make an account with Walgreen's using your email, it is free! Then choose the option to make a picture book! They give you so many options! You can even upload your pictures directly from your phone!

This is a great personalized gift that is fun and easy to make!

5) Personalized gift basket


Personalized gift baskets are a great way to show someone how much you know them! You can get a cute basket at many stores! Five below, Dollar Tree and Walmart have cute inexpensive ones! From there, its all up to you! Choose items that you know the person will like! Some ideas are,

  • lotions
  • perfumes
  • candy
  • favorite snacks
  • hair scrunchies
  • book marks or book
  • phone charger
  • Favorite foods
  • gift cards

Always remember that gifts don't have to be big or expensive in order to mean a lot! It is the thought that counts! Taking time to make a personalized gift is very thoughtful! The greatest gift is being able to spend it with people you love! So, have an AMAZING Christmas!

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