2020 Motivation!

Jan. 5, 2020

I love the start of a new year. Just the feeling of having a fresh start can be so refreshing! Something that I do at the start of each new year is to choose one word to try and live by throughout the year! Sometimes the word can be something I plan to work on being better at or a word to remind me to always have confidence in myself. Choosing a word to carry with you throughout the year can serve as a great reminder and motivator with the things you plan and hope to accomplish!

I encourage you to choose a word for this year! Today's blog post can hopefully give you some great ideas on choosing a word!

Consistency: Are you the type of person that always comes up with ideas and goals and never follows through? If so, this word is a great word for you! This year and moving forward try and be more consistent with the things in your life!

Unstoppable: Do you have this one goal that you have been trying to accomplish, but haven't? Maybe you are afraid of what people will think or maybe you don't feel like you are good enough to accomplish this dream. You are unstoppable. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish your dream! You are the only person in the way of being and doing anything that you want to!

Growth: Maybe this is a year of growth for you! This can be with anything. Maturity, self care, etc. Growth is such a strong word that can be used in many aspects of life. If this is the word for you, you'll know!

Spontaneous: Maybe a goal for this new year is to get out of your shell more. Whether that is with making friends or doing things out of your comfort zone! Spontaneity is a great attribute to have!

Giving: Maybe this year you would like to give back more in your community. You want to volunteer at a local organization or donate more to charities. Maybe even hold your own fundraiser!

Family: Schedules can get busy and leave you less time to spend with your family. Maybe this year you want to try and make family more of a priority.

Patience: Maybe something you need to work on is having patience with others. Not a bad thing! Having patience can help in school, in the work place and with friends and family!

Courage: There is so much unknown with a new year. Maybe you need a little more courage entering this new decade. Courage to face the unknown fearlessly!

Appreciation: It is easy to take things for granted, we're human! But it is so important to remember to be grateful for everything you have! It can always be worse.

Responsibility: Perhaps you are the person that can't help but to blame others in tricky situations. Or, maybe you are getting older and you would like to start being more responsible with spending money or doing chores around the house. Maybe, you just hope to stop being lazy! Whichever it may be, it is a good thing to want to be responsible!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Hopefully, this year you will decide to choose a word to live by! This blog should be a good start in helping you choose a word. Maybe, you would like to even choose one of the words listed! Either way, 2020 is what you make of it! Happy New year!

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